Thursday, January 17, 2008

Templar, Arizona

Before we begin, let's just get this out of the way - Templar, Arizona doesn't have anything to do with a particular geographic location. This isn't the story of a town, it's a story of some very interesting characters, location aside. Might as well be Las Vegas, Nevada... only those backgrounds would be a serious bitch to draw. I mean, damn.

Now, on to more substantive things.

There's no question that Templar, Arizona is character driven. Replace any one personality with another and the entire story would fall to bits, instantaneously creating another comic entirely. That the creator has written such a tight tapesty with such dynamic characters is a testament to her skill. Occassionally I find myself thinking "I believe I'm supposed to like this person, but gods help me... I can't stand them". I'm not offering that insight as a criticism, however, but rather as a compliment - the characters are so real that they are liked and disliked according to personal taste, regardless of the creator's intent, or one's personal opinion of the general story line.

The artwork is simply exceptional. Both realistic and recognizably styled, Spike floods each comic with a fluid and eye catching sense of movement and personality. The character designs exhude personality in every aspect - down to not only the clothing they wear, but how they wear it. Facial expressions work with the dialogue in such a manner that you're instantly given a sense of both tone and inflection. So much so that I even imagine the vocal quality of some characters to be grating - something my mind usually prevents against in lesser works. Every portion of the comic blends visually, from the backgrounds to the word bubbles.

Updating three times a week Templar, Arizona is a truely professional work and well worth the read.

Yes - I forgot to post again, and the review for Girls With Slingshots is still being written. Don't worry, I'll figure it all out this weekend.