Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Jellyfish Coddle

The Jellyfish Coddle is another comic seemingly suited for print that has instead been adapted for the web.  Sectioned into issues that are updated as complete works, one navigates the site much as one navigates a printed comic – by turning through page by page, thanks to a nicely written graphic script.

Each issue is presented in a color, full-page format which consists of a collection of smaller episode comics.  The artwork is simplistic by design, but no expression is lost, giving the characters a charming feel.  The content is quite varied, ranging from the animal humor of When Nature Goes Nuts, to the religious ponderings of The Misadventures of the Enlightened Ones.  Despite venturing into territory that can sometimes be dangerous ground, the comic has a light hearted feel that repels offense.  In addition to the main comics, there are also a couple of children's offerings and a History section that shouldn't be glossed over.  The comic updates regularly, and the additional content that's added from time to time expands the site's focus beyond a simple frame for the latest issue.  The Omniscient section, for example, houses How To articles and interviews with various webcomic artists.  Also of note, merchandising has been arranged in such a manner that the reader can quickly find items from a favorite episode comic, rather than simply lumping them all together under one header.

All in all, The Jellyfish Coddle delivers a fun, colorful experience for readers.  Issue number 12 is up now, check it out!