Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Akimbo Comics

Akimbo is another comic I found through MySpace, and I've been pestering  creator B. Patrick to publish them in print form ever since.  Unlike most other web based comics, Akimbo is really a collection of independent stories; not unlike the pulp fiction and horror comics of the 50s.  You're not going to find that same cheesy story telling here though; Akimbo is an edgy, realistic, and sometimes harsh collection that easily engages the reader with it's introspective narratives and frankly honest dialogue.

While the subjects vary, the vast majority fall into the adult slice-of-life category.  While not often visually graphic, these are not comics for children.  Highly character driven, the complexities in plot are typically psychological rather than situational.  These are sensitive, personal, thought and emotion provoking stories.  Occasionally shocking, one never gets the feeling the creator glories in shock value for its own sake.  Often humorous, there is a biting wit that comes through both narrative and dialogue without the taint of undue bitterness left by lesser writers.

The artwork, mostly black and white, is perfect for the genre.  Patrick's skillful portrayal of subtle emotion enhances the writing and never seems out of place.  If a character is smiling on the outside and smirking contemptuously on the inside you know without being told.  Some of the single shot comics in the Eat Shit and Die section are composed entirely of a single character's face and narrative, and even with that narrow of a scope, there is still a great deal of visual appeal.

The site itself is visually gorgeous, featuring several cover works and a graphic menu broken into two sections:  Comics - three longer, in progress works, and Shorties – shorter works, five out of seven of which are completed.  (Not including the previously mentioned "Eat Shit and Die" Shortie which is composed of single shot comics.)  The site is updated with new work each Tuesday and Thursday, and each update is tagged for easy navigation.  I absolutely recommend this one.