Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Zip and Li'l Bit

Zip and Li'l Bit is described by the creator as "a 62 page comic starring a little boy, Zip, his sister, Elizabeth ('we call her Li'l Bit'), a friend of theirs, Officer John, and the semi-mysterious Upside-Down Me. Originally envisioned as a full-length printed comic book, it has been adapted for the Web and is presented here as a twice-weekly comic strip. Posting on Thursdays and Sundays."

The premise is simple, but revealed in such an endearing way I can't seem to bring myself to give it away in a simple description. The comic has an old-time feel to it, and an almost goofy innocence that I can't get enough of. It's presented artistically in full-page, color format with one added bonus I love – you can click on any of the individual comic panels for a full size version. Zip, and his upside-down counterpart, are perfect little trouble makers, everything I wish Dennis the Menace had actually been. Li'l Bit's dialogue is rather cleverly presented by other characters, with her either whispering or gesturing her thoughts and intent. Officer John readily brings to mind images of old Buster Keeton films, with just enough slapstick and pun laden quotes to illicit a chuckle rather than a groan. The occasional counting sheep and monkey wrench just add to the silly good-natured feel of it all. A good-natured feel that made this the first webcomic I introduced to my daughter, and something I would readily buy in print form.

Already on page 55, I can't bear the thought that the story will be coming to an end in a mere 7 pages. One can only hope that Zip and Li'l Bit will continue their adventures in another edition. I, for one, think it would be well worth the effort.