Monday, January 8, 2007

Home on the Strange

The Web Comic Choice Awards kicked off in style today, and by an amazing and certainly not planned coincidence *coughs* so shall my weekly webcomic review. To fully celebrate this happy coincidence the first comic up for review is the very first comic I'm nominating in the very first category – for Outstanding Newcomer, I present to you Home on the Strange.

Home on the Strange is one of my favorite slice-of-life comics, and just barely squeaked into the newcomer category having started up in January of 2006. The synopsis the creators present on The Web Comic List reads: "Home on the Strange chronicles the adventures of Karla and Tom, two nerdy homeowners shepherding a bunch of single friends through life", which pretty accurately sums it up. Reading it is a lot like sitting around the house with my friends, and the fact that I can relate so easily probably accounts for my love of the comic. I'll never look at a blood covered bouncer in quite the same way, and I'm fairly sure they stole Izzy's review of Japanese inspired horror flicks from a secretly recorded conversation I had with Steven in the shower one morning. Damn it, they're nice people – something I managed to ascertain from a brief email conversation regarding advertising rates – but I wish they'd stop planting bugs in my shower, it's just creepy.

They get extra special kudos from me for doing something that many of the comics I used to love couldn't manage – they've updated on time, three times a week, every week since I began reading the comic several months ago. This makes for a happy Tanya, and a happy Tanya is a thing to behold. As an added bonus, the Home on the Strange writer also produces some exceptionally honest and hilarious things over at The – writings of a deranged mammal which shouldn't be missed by anyone old enough to eschew parental permission.

So… what exactly are you waiting for? Go check out the comic!