Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Fine Example

Napoleon is an ankle biter, but only during pledge week.

I really shouldn't have to say anything else. Every freak among you should be popping over to A Fine Example just for the sake of What The Fuck.

What the fuck was, by the way, my most prevalent reaction as I toured through the archives. A Fine Example is neither character driven, nor situational. It's driven by some sort of random insanity. It's a good insanity... the type that drives you to come back time and again just to see where the hell the creator is going to wander off to and who might come along for the ride. It might be a fancy feast eating... something-or-other. It might be a slogan wielding horde of "Undead Americans". It might even be, well, assorted body parts oddly joined at unnatural angles. Oddly enough at it's very base, deep down under layers of madness, A Fine Example is a family story. Dad, girlfriend, son. There are family dynamics at play, deep seated issues between a young boy and the woman that plays the role once held by his departed mother. The silent conflicts of the man that loves them both. Yes, deep down, this is the stuff that dramas are made of. Only it's not. It's an oddity, an oddity formed of excellent writing.

The artwork is also a bit of an oddity. Sketchy black outlines and cross-hatch shading seem to hover over the simple backgrounds, almost as if made of layered bits of torn paper. The drawings have the feel of newspaper lithographs with an added stylistic flare. The children of the comic are especially enthralling - faded as though lightly erased bringing them immediately into the foreground. The effect extends to the son's expressions which are muted and faint, and a vague white aura surrounds him. He seems isolated, intelligent, and acts as an anchoring force for the quirky and animated personalities that surround him.

The website is simple and functional, though not all the bits are up and running. The Store, for example, seems to be under construction and the Blog is somewhat neglected. (The last post was July 27th) The About page is flooded with the same humor that makes up the comic and is likewise worth the read. Though there was a bit of a hiatus, A Fine Example may well be back on track now - updating "Mondays, Thursdays and more".

Go on now... the parrot waits for no one.