Wednesday, July 4, 2007

World's Worst Webcomic

There's one glaring problem with The World's Worst Webcomic - it isn't. Okay, the artwork is as amateur as possible without losing all cohesive and recognizable qualities, but the writing... the writing is fucking hilarious.

In all honesty, the comic is a bit like an auto accident. You want to look away, but something compels you to turn your head and gawk, even knowing there's a possibility you may see something horrible... and deep inside knowing you may want to see something horrible. The World's Worst Webcomic is horrible. The plot lines are very basic, though not as basic as the artwork, and occasionally amble about like a drunken zombie. Sometimes the plot stumbles, falls face first, and lies there a while before finally getting to it's feet and starting off in a new direction. Other times it never gets up, and while you're staring at it's lifeless corpse a new plot ambles in from the distance, groaning.

Strange thing is... that doesn't matter. I still read it, and I still laugh.

One thing I absolutely adore is the archive system. There's the typical list of comics, a respectable 200 as of today, arranged by date and title - but some are also listed by plot, and that's where the genius comes in. The comics are typically done in strip format, and when you choose to go through the archive by plot you're given all of the comics in that plot line on a single page, saving you the trouble of clicking "next" every 40 seconds as you finish each comic. There's also the Airlock Series, which simply has to be viewed as a whole because the whole damn thing is animated weirdness. Don't get too excited though - you really should go through the archive one comic at a time because there are single shots in there that range from social commentary to complete idiocy.

Oddly enough, it's entirely possible that the best way to judge the comic's humor as a new comer is to skip reading the archive until you've read the rest of the site. Check out the FAQ first, then wander over to the About section. If you're mildly amused, head over the archives and read through a few. Think of it like being inoculated before heading into a pandemic zone.

The World's Worst Webcomic updates five days a week, though should you require notification, it's worth noting that The World's Worst RSS Feed is 13,003% larger than the competition. Yeah... there's just nothing else I can say about this... I need a brain wash.