Wednesday, June 20, 2007


He's small. He's furry. He's orange.

Nope, wrong character. I'm talking about Sidgwick a character that, unlike that cat, rings with sarcastic political humor. He's a dry rub of current events presented as the creator's conversations with his imaginary friend.

Right off the bat I'm tempted to say that this comic won't amuse everyone. It is current event based, and often deals with American politics. I do believe there is enough popular content that the comic could appeal to readers from other countries, but a good deal of the content deals with news that didn't hit the evening networks. As such, people with little regard for those rather interesting political items that so tickle me may not see the point.

Aside from being intelligent and culturally relevant, Sidgwick is a comic I also find consistently funny. The humor is dry, not dark, mostly sarcastic but occasionally entering into the realm of sardonic. Falwell and Limbaugh fans should probably steer clear unless they're looking for something to bitch about, but there are a few gentle jabs aimed at the liberal crowd as well.

The artwork is cartoonish, as one would expect, but not amateurish. The expressions are endearing and clearly read, and the settings and perspective have a naturally casual feel. I appreciate the differentiation between the creator's voice and his creation within the comic - the creator's bubbles differ in both shape and shade, leaving a clear impression of origin.

The comic is currently hosted on MySpace, and while it's a passable solution because of it's timely nature, I would pretty much prefer that every comic hosted on MySpace found a more appropriate home. Assuming you have your own MySpace, subscribing to the blog would insure that you didn't miss any updates. Those of you without MySpace pages can either sign up for the RSS feed, or just check in every now and again. Regardless of how you get there, it's worth it.