Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I'll never eat another gingerbread man.

You see, I have empathy for the little guys now.  I can quite vividly, for example, imagine their terror at the prospect of a glass of milk.  See their bloodied bodies left dismembered on a plate.  Pity their joy at being digested.

Thanks a lot, GingerDead.  Christmas will never be the same... though Halloween just might become another reason to bake.

Yes, yes... it's time for another rambling late night review.  This time, I take on my favorite macabre cookie, GingerDead.  Written with a dark slant, the comic manages a Gothic edge without the blatant effort of other works.  Yes, the title is a bit punny, but the writing is not.  Instead, it's a mixture of haiku, quiet contemplation and gentle humor.  The writing itself feels of winter, even without visual aid, a feat I quite admire.

The art is simple, dramatic splashes of red where appropriate, backed by shades of black and grey.  Line work is purposely rough, but certainly not sloppy, a technique that compliments the feel of both artwork and writing.  The characters quite easily manage to be both disturbing and cute.  GingerDead and Lenore have a familiar warmth, despite the former's habit of being eaten and the latter's utter lack of flesh.  I would love to see Lenoir in doll form, preferably munching on some flowers.

Easy enough to navigate, though a button leading to the first comic would be a nice addition, the site is minimalistic in design.  The archive can be found in both date and title formats, a few icons and desktops are available, and it would also appear the creator has some stock in Second Life.  GingerDead is not a laugh riot.  It's not intended to be.  It is, however, charming, quite amusing, and well worth the read.