Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Toy Division

If you're under the age of 18, go read Beaver and Steve it's a wonderful comic that I very much enjoy; there is nothing here for you now.  Shoo.  Wait a minute!  Get back here!  If you're under 18, what the hell are you doing reading BetaPwned?  Kids these days, just begging for a whacking I tell you....

Speaking of a well deserved whacking, today I'm serving up another one of my top-ten favorites - Toy Division.  It's almost a shame I love this comic as much as I do because this review is just plain hard to write.  The characters are the Nazi equivalent of Chibi, fetish laden cupie dolls, adorable abominations, and highly entertaining.

It's not often I come across a work that could be described as both scandalous and charming, let alone a work swimming in BDSM references and casual violence.  The creator's ability to be interesting and arousing without being blatant is wonderfully refreshing, the talent punctuated by the brazenness of the content.  The artwork is mostly tone on tone, though color comics are sprinkled about, as are some very spiffy interactive flash works.  I especially enjoyed playing dress up - who knew you could accessorize with a speculum?

My only real complaint is the update schedule, mainly that there doesn't seem to be one.  I suppose I could just chalk it up to well trained dominance - we're rewarded when the master sees fit, not on a schedule.  *grins*

I was once told that erotica is the thinking man's porn, a statement I think Toy Division illustrates quite nicely.  Do not mistake my brevity for disinterest, I love Toy Division.  I love it for it's uniqueness, for it's elegant and engaging artwork, and for it's brilliantly charming dialogue.  It's just so damn hard for me to describe without doing it a horrible disservice.  Be you of proper age and inclination, please take a look through the Toy Division Archives.  You won't be disappointed.